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My name is Mike Norris and I am here to help people like you that are starting a home business and most likely want to be working online. You are probably a little frustrated. I have maybe a unique experience in that I started making money pretty soon after I started online about 5 years ago. Not a lot but some nice part time income.

Then the wheels fell off. I was in the drop shipping business selling physical products several different ways. 90% of my traffic came from paid traffic, mainly pay per click. You can read more about what happened in different posts on the site.

About two years ago I decided to switch up and try my hand at affiliate marketing and blogging. I have made every mistake an online marketer can make. I am very non-technical. Most of you are probably in the same boat.

A lot of coaches and mentors don’t really understand that. Coaches that are technically proficient tend to leave out steps when they teach you something. They assume you know some things you don’t.

You buy a product that that shows you how to install something in 5 easy steps. Problem is you can’t get past step 2 for some reason. I now how you feel. Happens to me on a weekly basis. There are ways around this.

Enough of that for now.

My goal here is to provide you with quality information and to give you some insight into whom you can trust online to provide you with the help you need as you start working online from your home.

Or maybe you have already built a niche website and not making the progress you feel you are capable of. There is help out there. But you need the right kind of help before you waste thousands of dollars like I did and hundreds of thousands of others like me trying to make the easy money online.

Lets take this journey to full time employment online together.

Again this Mike Norris and I more than welcome your questions and comments below.



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How To Make Money Online Regardless Of Your Age

I recently retired from the military and have been looking at how to make money to supplement my retirement income for awhile now. I have been online doing different things since 2006. First I want you to know I can’t even type so don’t think I’m some computer geek.

Not hardly… I hunt and peck.

I have been making pretty good money drop shipping since Thanksgiving 2013. No computer skills required at all the way I do it. Just a little research and copy and paste.

I know a lot of people that have retired that are 60 and over still need to know how to make money. The retirement check (if you have one) and social security are not enough to live the lifestyle you want.

Now the truth is I am only 57 but I am like most retired folks. I still need to make more money. I want to work from home and have the freedom to travel, visit grandkids when I want, as well as other things I like to do.

It takes more money than you think to live a good like after retirement. But if you are reading this you probably already are aware of that.

But I have a way you can use to learn how to make money regardless of your age. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection.

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I promise you that you can do this with our simple training and my help.

I have a quick video below for you or you click the link below and I will send you a 9 minute video that explains exactly what we do. If it’s for you. then you can started right away.

If you follow our training, do the work and with my guidance you should be making an extra $50 a day pretty fast. It varies for everyone but a week to a month for most. I personally have made as much as a $1000 in a day.

I have to put a disclaimer out there because I don’t know your work habits and can’t promise you any income… But I do promise you will have the skills needed. All you have to do is provide an hour or two a day in your calendar and follow the instructions.

Learn how to make money regardless of your age by clicking here


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Work At Home Opportunity For Veterans

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This is a great work at home opportunity for veterans and many disabled vets to make a good income working from home.

I personally like a work at home opportunity because I like to stay home now and work when I want to work. Sometimes I work early in the morning, sometimes late at night and a lot of times I do both.

I also have done enough physical work in my day and the only thing that gets tired doing this is your fingers.

Oh and I can’t type. All you have to be able to do is a little research and cut and paste. I did have to teach my best friend how to cut and paste. He didn’t even know how to do that and now he is putting product up every week.

You can check out this work at home opportunity by clicking this link below and I will send you a video that explains how everything is done in detail. If it’s not for you no problem.

If you decide you like my work at home opportunity I look forward to working with you.




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What Is A Lead Magnet

What is a lead magnet? Do you use lead magnets in your business?

There are many types and uses for lead magnets. If you are unfamiliar with it I answer in the video what is a lead magnet?

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So every business online needs at least one lead magnet if not more. Some people elect to switch up there lead after so many months.

But the general consensus seems to be ” If you have a lead magnet that’s working you should stick with it”.

An example of a lead magnet would be a pdf, ebook or video on “How To Discover Your Niche”. The most common use of lead magnets are to build a list.

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What Are The Top 3 Problems In Your Niche

Do You Know What The Top 3 Problems In Your Niche Are?

top 3 problems in my nicheIf you don’t know the answer to the above question you need to stop what you are doing right now and figure this out. I would imagine a lot of you have been working in your niche for a year or two and don’t know.

Your income probably shows it.

After you picked you niche this is the first thing you should have done.

Your entire marketing should be based on these 3 main problem questions and other questions you come up with.

How Do I Find Out The Top 3 Problems In My Niche

Is their a main website that everyone in your niche goes to for information? Write down it down. Write down the top 3 websites.

…If so that’s where you start…

SIDE NOTE- If there is not one main website there is a hole in your market and you can fill it. Become that website.

Are there forums that people visit in your niche? Write them down.

Visit the other top 3 websites in your niche.

Visit the forums you wrote down.

Go to You Tube and find the most viewed videos in your niche.

Are there Facebook groups about your niche? Join them.

Same thing with Google + communities. Join them.

You can also check places like Wikipedia.

Now That You Have A Big List What Do You Do With It?

You take a day and visit each one of these sites, forums and communities.

You are looking for questions that are being asked by people that belong to each of these.

Don’t worry about reading the articles and posts on the sites right now.

You just want to make a list of the questions

Which questions are popping up the most?

Narrow it down to your top 3 questions. They are simply the ones that get asked the most.

Now don’t throw away the other questions. Keep all of them. These questions will basis for everything you do from now on in your niche.

If you are in a niche so small that you can’t find any questions you have a problem. The niche may not be big enough for you to make much  money no matter how passionate you are about the niche.

So you can see now that this should have been done before you ever built your web properties

We all hear about using keywords on our websites, in our articles, blog posts and in our videos.

Well I am going to give you a different take on keywords.

That list of questions you made are your keywords. These are keyword phrases that your prospects are concerned about. They want these answers.

These questions are pure gold.

Just about everything you do in your niche should be based on these questions going forward.

To be continued…

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Who Is Your Target Market

So who is your target market?

You have to figure this out before you can do much of any thing profitable online. Of course you need to know your niche first. But the two go hand in hand.

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Let me tell you a little secret. Your target market IS YOU!

What do you want? What are your likes and dislikes?

What do you secretly desire? What keeps you up at night? Keeps you from going to sleep.

What are you afraid of? What makes you angry?

What are your biggest frustrations?

You have to figure all this out and then you will know who your target market is.

It’s you of course!

So take pen to paper and do an assessment of yourself. You will be on the right track.

Then you have your target market and  you can begin to create content around that.

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Online Network Marketing Success Secrets

Online Network Marketing Success Secrets

online network marketing successIn this post I want to share some of the things that I have learned over the past couple years about online network marketing success so that you can learn from my experiences and apply it to your business.

To begin with, I’ve learned that you DON’T have to call leads to be successful in network marketing.

When I began marketing in this industry cold calling was what I thought everyone did. Every business I looked at and everyone I talked to told me the same thing.

This business is a business of numbers so the MORE people you call in the shortest amount of time the quicker you will have success… Yeah right.

Well there was no way I was going to call leads all day. Or have house parties.

Nope, not for me. I knew that before I got started.

I knew there had to be a better way… And yes I found it.

A company that believed in using the internet to not only get leads but make sales online also. Of course if you want to call people and talk to them you can do that if you want to.

Just not me, although I will talk to people if they call me.

The Second Thing I Learned Is The Power Of Leverage

The science of LEVERAGE states . . . “What you lack in skill you can always make up for in leverage.” A very true statement.

You see when I turned to the internet to check out network marketing, I found people having huge successes online.

I knew that there had to be a way to open the floodgates of the internet for online network marketing success.

What was it? Two things I understood pretty fast.

First . . . Set up my business with the same resources and tools that the huge successes online used.

Second… leveraging those tools for my own personal success and then for the success of those on my team.

There are lots of eBooks, You Tube videos and different guides to help you be successful. They are all over the internet and Amazon if you want a real book.

But the secret is to look past the information being sold, to the PROCESS behind it and you’ll uncover the true cause of their success.

You always hear the SECRET is in the details. But it’s not. The secret is in the PROCESS.

So you want to study the process of those doing better than you and then implement it in your business.

As time goes on and you find success, you will soon start putting your own little twists in the process. But the basic process of being successful does not change.

Pick a mentor to follow and you will speed up your online network marketing success.


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3 Steps To Your Online Success

Success online can be boiled down to 3 steps.

1. Drive Traffic 

2. Generate Leads

3. Get Sales


Sounds simple and it is when you learn the

proper steps to take for each one.


There is a lot of discussion about which one of

the 3 is the most important.


It doesn’t matter.


You can’t have one without the other.


Traffic comes first but traffic by itself is useless.


Leads are great to have and a must to create a

big income but by themselves you have nothing

if you don’t know what to do with the leads.


Sales are what we need…The give us income.


But we can’t have sales without traffic.


So you have to learn how to drive traffic, get leads

and turn leads into sales.


That’s where I want to help.


Learn To Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales


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Eliminate A Limiting Belief You Have In 30 Minutes

eliminate a limiting belief You are the creator of your life.

How many of you believe this?

You have to if you want to be successful.

All of us have limiting beliefs. They ALL
come from our childhood.

I recently came across this guy Morty Lefkoe.

What he can do for you is amazing.

His charge….Zero, NOTHING

He can help you overcome a limiting belief such


I’m not good enough…

In 30 minutes just watching his video and
answering questions

Amazing and it works.

I am working on overcoming one a day.

There are like 19 main ones we all have that
hold us back.

Click here to get started


Have A Great Day.



Interview: The Richard Branson Business Plan

Interview conducted with Richard Branson at the start of 2014.  It’s a very interesting conversation. It’s basically the Richard Branson Business Plan. He speaks often about entrepreneurs.

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June Book A Month Club Review

June Book A Month Club Review

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I am late with this but have been traveling and visiting my new grandson.

Get the 80/20 Sales And Marketing by Perry Marshall. #1 BEST SELLER

Get the new book for the month- How To Get Rich In The Opportunity Market
by T.J. Rohleder

I will put up a detailed review of T.J.’s book and how I am using his information by the end of the month.

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