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My name is Mike Norris and I am here to help people like you that are starting a home business and most likely want to be working online. You are probably a little frustrated. I have maybe a unique experience in that I started making money pretty soon after I started online about 5 years ago. Not a lot but some nice part time income.

Then the wheels fell off. I was in the drop shipping business selling physical products several different ways. 90% of my traffic came from paid traffic, mainly pay per click. You can read more about what happened in different posts on the site.

About two years ago I decided to switch up and try my hand at affiliate marketing and blogging. I have made every mistake an online marketer can make. I am very non-technical. Most of you are probably in the same boat.

A lot of coaches and mentors don’t really understand that. Coaches that are technically proficient tend to leave out steps when they teach you something. They assume you know some things you don’t.

You buy a product that that shows you how to install something in 5 easy steps. Problem is you can’t get past step 2 for some reason. I now how you feel. Happens to me on a weekly basis. There are ways around this.

Enough of that for now.

My goal here is to provide you with quality information and to give you some insight into whom you can trust online to provide you with the help you need as you start working online from your home.

Or maybe you have already built a niche website and not making the progress you feel you are capable of. There is help out there. But you need the right kind of help before you waste thousands of dollars like I did and hundreds of thousands of others like me trying to make the easy money online.

Lets take this journey to full time employment online together.

Again this Mike Norris and I more than welcome your questions and comments below.



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How Do You Sell On Amazon When The Market Is Saturated

how do you sell on amazonI get asked all the time … how do you sell on Amazon when the market is saturated.

Folks that’s a huge myth and I am going to prove it to you. Yes there are new courses
coming out every week about how to sell on Amazon… And eBay for that matter.


Selling on Amazon is hot right now. Many big time internet marketers are using
Amazon as another income stream and many have made it their main source of income.

Selling physical products on Amazon is one of the easiest ways to get
started making money online. The easiest by far in my book…

Well eBay may be easier to get started but not by much.

… And everything can be outsourced. So the big buys with deep pockets love it.

So everyone seems to be selling something on Amazon in 2015.

But it doesn’t matter!

Some Numbers To Prove Selling On Amazon Is Not Saturated

. In the Electronics Category alone there are some 90,253,000 or so products alone

. Cell Phone and Accessories Category – 67,800,000 products.

. Home and Kitchen Category – Almost 48,000,000 products.

. Sports Category – Over 20,000,000 products

. Books Category – Over 53,000,000 products

And that’s just a few of the major categories on Amazon. There are some 37
major categories with all but the Wine category having products numbering
in the hundreds of thousands. The Wine Category has like 8000 products.

And there are 100′s of sub-categories of the major ones.

So it doesn’t take much effort to find products to sell that don’t have that much

As an aside I read awhile back where Amazon was selling like 300 products a
second. That’s 18,000 products a minute. That’s a 1,080,000 products an hour.
That’s 25,920,000 products sold a day on just Amazon!!! If my math is right.

If it’s wrong that’s still a ton of product being sold every day.

Kind of hard to wrap your mind around numbers like that. Those numbers alone
tell me there is plenty of room for new sellers on Amazon.

Competition Is A Good Thing – Don’t Be Scared

Competition means the product is selling or people would not be selling it unless
they are not very smart.

Of course new products are put up on Amazon every day. Private Labeling is big
right now also. But you have to know what you are doing.

You can learn from your competition.

What are they doing? Where are they getting their products from? Are there product
descriptions and pictures any good?

If a product has reviews then they are doing something right because the product is selling.

I personally don’t even worry about competition because of the way I sell on
Amazon. I look for other indicators to tell me if a product will be a good
seller or not.

As a matter of fact one of the indicators is…Is there any competition? |
No one else selling the product is as bad as a 10,000 people selling the
product in most cases.

So quit worrying about to much competition. Most of the competition
is not really competition. They are just throwing products up on Amazon
without any idea of what they are really doing.

We can beat them all day long. With the method I use I just don’t think about
the competition to much at all.

I sell using a couple of different methods…Dropshipping, Retail Arbitrage
Online Arbitrage and FBA. Dropshipping is my main method right now
but I am starting to use FBA more and more. I also always look for products
when I am in a store (Retail Arbitrage) that I can make a profit off of.

How Do You Sell On Amazon?…The Bottom Line

You want to find a system  that you can follow that will lead you to success
if you put in the work.

The key there is put in the work. There is a little learning curve at the start
but it is much less than most types of internet marketing/online sales.

There are a lot of programs that base everything on telling you that you won’t
have to do any work…. Run from those.

After you learn what you are doing pretty much everything can be outsourced
if you choose to do so.

The really great thing about selling physical products on Amazon is that you can learn at your own pace and sell at your own pace. You can do this at home and you can work it part time or full time.

Most people start off part time until they are making enough profit to move into it full time.

The bottom line of how do you sell on Amazon is you do it just like anything else. Learn from a company or individual that knows what they are doing and just jump into it full speed ahead. Start listing products and hopefully you will find some winners very quickly.

As I said earlier there are a lot of different ways to find and sell physical products on Amazon. Find the way you enjoy and what works best for you and go for it.









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How to Get Motivated For The Last 6 Months Of The Year

how to get motivatedIt’s that time again. The middle of 2015 is here is and now it’s time to make changes or stay the course to achieve great success for you and your business. It can be an overwhelming time of the year. Yet it can also be exciting unless you are not meeting your goals.

How to get motivated and a few tips to help you finish the second half of the year strong.

1.  Look Back At The First 6 Months

Take a look back at all of the things you’ve accomplished so far this year. Spend some quiet reflective time compiling a list of your achievements. Don’t hesitate to list even the smallest accomplishment. This will not only help you realize how much you’re capable of, it can also help frame your goals for the upcoming 6 months.

How are your financial accomplishments? Most people put most of their focus on the financial. It’s a big part but it’s not everything.

2.  Visualize Where You Will Be

Take some time to close your eyes and visualize the upcoming 6 months. Approach it from the perspective that the year is almost over. Visualize what you’ve already accomplished and how it looks.

For example, if you want to start a new website before the end of the year, then imagine how your life will be with a new website. Visualize as if you’ve already completed the website.

Once you have the daydream solidly formed in your imagination, open your eyes and write it down. Do this exercise for all of your big goals for the year. Visualization is a powerful motivator.

3.  Plan,Plan, Plan

If you’re a planner, then it’s time to open your calendar and planning notebook, start creating goals and plans to achieve them before the end of the year. Establish deadlines to make the goals more realistic and part of your daily life.

Start taking action on those goals right away. It’s never to late to start on new goals. Don’t wait for the new year to begin taking action. If you have a plan and the motivation, there’s no time like the present to get started on new goals.

4.  Brainstorm All Possibilities

Mind maps are fun tools once you learn to use them. Beginning with a main idea placed in the center of the page, they allow you to create spokes that link to this main idea. Each spoke can be a new idea, goal, or direction to take your business.

You can draw a mind map on a plain piece of paper. Or you can use any number of mind map creation software and applications. Mind maps help support you to think creatively and be innovative. And there’s nothing quite so motivating as a goal that inspires you and reminds you to feel passionate about your business.

For me personally I like to draw mine out on paper, but I am a bit old-fashioned.

5.  Celebrate How Far You Have Come

Finally, take some time to celebrate the fact that you are an online business owner. Open that business plan you originally created when you got started with your online business. Review the mission statement, the vision, and your goals.

Enjoy all that you’ve accomplished and all that you will continue to accomplish. Sometimes remembering who you are and what you’re about is motivation enough to continue down your path.

Of course if you never established a business plan their is no better time to get started than now.


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How Do I Sell On Ebay? It’s The Easiest Way To Make Money Online I Have Found

I get asked all the time how do I sell on Ebay?  The easy answer is I dropship. I use none of my money upfront. I don’t order product until I get paid….

It’s the easiest way to make money online I have ever tried… And I tried a ton of things like most people. Watch my short video below and I explain a little more about how I sell on Ebay.

YouTube Preview Image

I use a proven method that is constantly being updated as changes happen online and with Ebay.

One new technique I  use is old fashioned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get my products not only to the top of Ebay searches but to the top of Google search also.

This gives be an added boost when I sell on Ebay. It gets more visitors looking at my products and that alone gets me more sells.

This method works if you sell on Amazon., Bonanaza or anywhere else online.  Just follow the step by step method of dropshipping I use and you can’t go wrong.

Now that you know how I sell on Ebay your next question is how do I get started? That’s easy. Just go to and let me help you get started.

Watch our videos and follow the steps. If you have questions you can always email me or call me…

Yes I’m available to actually look at what you are doing to make sure you get off to a good start…

But you must do the work. Devote one hour a day to selling on Ebay the way I do and you will have success.

Have A Great Day,

Mike Norris


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100 Amazon Money Niches With Keywords

100 free amazon nichesProper keyword and niche research can make or break any affiliate marketing campaign.

Unfortunately keyword research can be a
rather tedious process – or down right
confusing if you don’t know how.



But I have a special free download for
you today.

100 profit pulling Amazon niches with
full niche and keyword research done for
you - each niche includes

* Main keyword (with monthly search volume)
* 10 LSI keywords
* Suggested available domains
* Main Amazon category (+ sub category)

=>Simply sign up here to claim your free copy

Imagine how much wasted time and effort this report
will save you. Just pick your niche and go to work.

This data will save you days (if not weeks)
of boring research – so you can skip straight
ahead to profit part.

To help you with that, there is also a free
report called “Easy Affiliate Store Profits”
included with your free download today.

Grab your free niche downloads now

To Your Success,

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How To Study Faster | Use The Study Method

YouTube Preview Image

How To Study Faster | Use The Study Method

Do you or your kids need to learn how to study faster in school or at the workplace. You can use the study method to help you concentrate and learn faster. The Study Method has helped thousands of students with their learning methods and their cutting-edge study guide.

You can purchase The Study Method for $1.00 and try it out before deciding if you want to keep it. But I know it will teach how to study faster and accomplish more in a shorter amount of time than using your normal study methods.

Maybe your kid wants to go to the college of his choice but his or her grades are lacking. With the study method you will see improvement almost immediately and their teachers and you will be amazed at their new study habits.

To learn how to study faster you can get The Study Method by clicking here

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Emergency Christmas Cash 2.0 Kristie Chiles

Most of you have probably heard about Emergency Christmas Cash 2.0 from Kristi Chiles.

Kristi comes out with a lot of easy to use products that

can make you some fast and easy money. I use several of them. I just started using

Emergency Christmas Cash 2.0 and I can tell you this is super simple to do.

Your grandma can do this.


YouTube Preview Image


Now I’m not talking about get rich quick stuff. 

I’m talking about an honest $100 – $500 a week. 

And I have to be honest, I don’t really like the name of this product very much.

It sounds a little sketchy…

HOWEVER, this product is anything but sketchy!


It is actually a PROVEN blueprint to quickly make some

fast money online.  In fact, it is the exact blueprint many

pros have based their six figure online businesses on.


The best part is that this is an easy plan to replicate and

replicate FAST!


See how you can start making $100+ a day online FAST: Click The Link Below

Emergency Christmas Cash

 For Those That Need Cash ASAP

.  100% Newbie Friendly
.  Scaleable & Repeatable
.  Step-By-Step System
.  Based on a Lazy Online Method

If you are in need of a boost or a stepping stone to a career,

then Emergency Christmas Cash 2.0 Kristi Chiles is for you.


The product has been updated for 2014 and is really getting

some stellar reviews.


Kristie will show you:

  • A completely free software to record simple videos without ever having to show your face on camera.
  • How to pick a WINNING affiliate offer to promote through YouTube.
  • Two websites that continue to bring the most SUREFIRE profits – and FAST.
  • How to Create simple cash-sucking videos within minutes.
  • How to make both Google and YouTube love you and give you awesome rankings.
  • The “Secret Sauce” that almost no one uses to catapult affiliate sales.


If you’d like to hear how Kristie built a $100 – $500 per day

business online, she has that covered for you here…

Emergency Christmas Cash 2.0

Have A Great One and Make Some Money,


P.S.  This great little products is priced at under $10.00
to help you out during the Christmas Season. It also comes
with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Thanks Kristi.

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Huge Savings From These Bonanza Shops Black Friday Cyber Monday


Get huge savings with the sales all weekend at the Bonanza Shops below..

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale at Bonanza.

Bonanza Shops Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales

Are you ready to shop online somewhere else besides eBay and Amazon?

Try out these Bonanza Shops and booths for sales on all kinds of merchandise. Each Bonanza store has it’s own sales and deals. They may change during the weekend so be sure to check back often.



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eBay Releases New Advanced Selling Strategies

eBay Advanced Selling Strategies eBay has released it’s new Advanced Selling Strategies e-book. Although I no longer sell on eBay I know a lot of you do. It’s a good place to start and some choose to stay there and make a living.

I don’t consider the strategies advanced but there are some very good resources including the “Quick Links To eBay Resources” and  “Powerseller Resources” .

You can download the free e-book by clicking here

Home Business

How Working Online Started For Me

get started onlineMy entire life I have been entrepreneurial. When I got out of the Marine Corps in 1980 I went to work as a dispatcher for a trucking company.

Let’s just say it was the most miserable 8 years of my life. I pretty much hated every minute of it.

I was going to college at night but spent most of my trying to figure how I could start my own business.

After the trucking company I found a job as a Private Investigator. I worked for other PI companies for about 4 years before I decided to try it on my own.

For you old folks I can tell you it’s not like Magnum PI…Not at all.

It’s a tough job… Hard to find steady gigs. Most of the jobs you are on you are either dying in the heat or freezing to death.

Fast forward to 2006.

Getting Started Working Online

I started reading a lot about working online in 2005. At the start of 2006 I entered the online world.

With almost NO computer skills.

I paid a guy $1995.00 to build me an e-commerce website. He also sold me the products he put on my website.

That was my first mistake. But I didn’t know at the time I was competing with him and a ton of other people with the exact same website he built for everyone else.

He would sell the products to me for pretty much the same price he was selling to everyone else including retail…

So making a profit was hard without raising my prices way up.

But I found a way to make couple thousand dollars a month by doing PPC (Pay Per Click). This is when you could buy clicks for a $0.05 – $00.10. Before I learned PPC I was making basically nothing.

But then I deployed for the 2nd time to Iraq around August 2006. I had someone back checking my site for sales each day because my internet was up and down. Everything went pretty good until sometime in 2007.

All of sudden I noticed no sales. I then looked at my PPC and saw that the prices I was paying for clicks were moving up. No longer could you buy clicks for a nickel. They were pretty much a quarter and up. Still I did not think a whole lot about it. I just knew it was cutting into my profits.

By the time my tour was over in late 2007 PPC prices were out of control. I could no longer operate and make a profit.

… As a matter of fact I lost a lot money trying to figure out what was going on before I stopped doing PPC.

I had not heard of the Google Slap but I experienced it.

So I am back home and finally figure out I need to learn a new way to get traffic. I went to an Internet Marketing Seminar and getting free traffic basically by doing article marketing and SEO was the rage.

So I started writing articles and putting blog posts on free blogs like blogger. I got some traffic but very little.

Somehow I figured out I could dropship my products from Amazon and eBay. So I started selling PI gear and hidden cameras that I had on my site. I did not do much with eBay but I was getting a sell or two a day on Amazon.

Of course when you dropship you always have the out of stock issue. More on that in a later post…

… It’s critically important you avoid out of stock issues now.

I was dabbling in affiliate marketing by 2001 and decided that was the way to go because I was just not getting enough sales on my e-commerce site.

More on that in the next post,



My Journey

Video Marketing The Fastest Way To Get Sales

Video marketing a true key strategic component and key business difference maker for internet marketers who want to communicate effectively with their customers and potential customers.

The internet is full of information and the average attention span of a web user today is measured in seconds. When web users search for their information at a search engine, they will get thousands of search results…

You have to be seen to get visitors to your site or salespage…

When they visit your website, they may only spend a few seconds  to scan through what you are selling or proposing and decide whether your content, style, look and approach is a good fit for what they were actually looking for.

These first few seconds are crucial and if you can delivery clear and targeted message by offering a fast, highly visual way to get their further attention and engage their interest, then…

… bingo you win.

So how do you keep your products and services from getting lost in those thousands of search results?

Video Marketing Is The Most Powerful Method Of Telling Your Story On The Market Today

Does this mean that by simply putting up a 10-min video tutorial on your website that you will instantly sell more products or services?

Of course not…

But it does you a better chance of competing than ever before.

… And the great thing is you no longer need a fancy camera or any special skills to make videos.

Last year at this time I was scared to death of video.

I now have up over a 100 videos on You Tube, Facebook and other places scattered around the internet.

I took a few courses and watched some You Tube videos to learn. I started with a Flip Cam, then graduated to using the web cam on my computer and now I also use my I-phone to make quick videos …

If I can do it anyone can.

video marketing

Why Do I Need Video You Ask?

Few stats for you:

. Adding video to a site that sells ANYTHING increases conversion rate by an average of 30%.

. Customers are 85% more likely to make a purchase on a website after they have watched a video.

. Adding a video to your Squeeze Page can increase your optin rate by 51% or more. (I am building lists for the first time in my life because of this)

.  Users stay at least 2 minutes longer on sites with videos

These are just a few reason you need to start using video. There are a ton of courses out there on using video and video marketing. Most are expensive or are lacking something.

Don’t you hate when you buy a course and and the owner leaves something out that you need to really understand what you are doing?

… Happens all the time.

I recently discovered a former corporate video professional that has broken everything down for us…

Joey Xoto

Smart guy that really knows his stuff. Other video experts are now promoting him because his training is so good.

In his video marketing training just a few things you will learn

. You don’t need a website

. You DON’T need to be on camera

. You don’t need a fancy camera… Just you computer

. No need to invest money on videos that don’t convert for you

. You will make videos that convert

. You don’t any expensive software or special skills

Joey make this easy for you.

You can go check out more about Joey and his course here

Stupid cheap… But the guy actually likes to help people.

So if you are ready to harness the power of video marketing, regardless of your experience level click here




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